Wild, means a free flowing system. I believe in wild values, both mentally and physically. I believe in freedom and simplicity. I believe in athletes and leaders. For me that’s what a natural human being ”are”, leaders and athletes.

Since the so called, modern society do not have humans or the planets basic needs as a starting point and filter, when we develop products, strategies, systems and structure we are now facing a number of serious challenges such as physical and mental illness but also a planet that started to hit us back, hard.

We need a new and courageous leadership, with another starting point….

…a Rewild one 👣

I believe it starts with us. Physical reconnection with nature, our planet and our selves. It physically goes via our feet.

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är IMG_7101-1024x819.jpg

There you find my strong reason why I work and fight to get knowledge out to people about the importance of a strong and sentient human foot. It is so much more than sports. Its about our kids future, animals and our nature. Its about a new;

Think about it!

I love my kids, I love nature, I love movement and I am ready to fight for it.

Lets go…rewilding!


I have a long background on different leading positions in both national and international companies and I have experienced both good and bad leadership. The bad was bad for both the employed and the planet. The good was good for the employed but bad for the planet. So, to be honest, I have never seen an honest leadership for both humans and the planet. I strongly believe we have come to a point there we need a very different kind of leaders, built on other values.

Via ”rewilding leaders” and workshops I work to achieve that.

In these workshops, which a call ”the room”, you must go in with an open mind and that you have decided to change. You have a strong will to develop, both mentally and physically. You feel and understand the sense of urgency.

It’s for leaders who love life, development and want a change. For leaders who demand results. 

What would this workshop mean to you as a leader?


I have also, the latest 6 years worked and helped over 2000 people. I have observed the difference between wild vs domestic shape & movement. I am only interested of success and how to copy it.

As an athlete you are depending on you body and movement. The process to again be wild is a process away from the normal and back to what’s natural. The process, that I lead you through, starts with the human foot and further up through your body.

If your feet are muscularly underdeveloped your legs also are…

Are you an athlete or do you want to again, become one?

My definition of an athlete. It is a person who are professional or ”semi professional” within her/his sport and/or life or have the ambition to reach that level. That means that your sport is not just a hobby. It is your profession, and treat your sport and life in a professional way.

You are ready to get in to this process with an open mind and that you decided to change. You have a strong will to develop, both mentally and physically. 

Every person are unique. Therefore is this process not a method and/or a fixed sheet. After our first meeting we shall both feel that this the right way for us moving forward, together. I become your passionate partner by focusing on your personal development. 

It’s for athletes who love life, development and his/her sport. For athletes who demand results. 

I develop athletes by focusing on you and on one question only: how do we achieve your max? We do this together. It is a commitment between you and me. 

Your journey will give you joy, companionship and human growth. If you want to know more and/or interested of this process, read more under the tab ”training”.

What would this process mean to you as an athlete?


Knowledge is key. Knowledge is important for all development. Therefor I hold educations for Health Professionals, about feet and movement. Today we have so much knowledge, still we struggle heavily withins areas like movement, mental health, food and our nature.

I strongly mean that the main reason for this is that we lost knowledge about the importance of us keeping in contact, physically and mentally with our selves and our planet.

I think we want to come back to the reality. What do you thing?

We have a great deal of knowledge about disguising symptoms and put names and explanations to it but very low knowledge about how we can have another result. Cause and effect. I mean that the reason to most of these symtoms is that we do not have Mother Nature as starting point when we develop products.

Rewilding Educations help us understand this difference between normal and natural and how we can regain the knowledge we once had.

What would this knowledge mean to you in your profession and/or life?

Last but not least, you will be wild again, as an athlete and as a leader.

– Anders Nordström, Founder