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After been doing the lecture ”Release the foot” (the theory and practical story of the natural foot) the latest 6 years, I move on and things have developed. I have put together a lecture that I call ”Break Away”.

It is the lecture of my journey from my life as a CEO in the fashion industry to what I do today. I realized that I lost connection, both mentally and physically. To be able to reconnect my foot played an extremely important role, in so many ways. I am gonna give you all about my own feet to be rewild and why I think it is crucial that the modern human reconnect with their own feet and our planet.

Me and my family have made a significant change in our life and made a number of brave decisions. The purpose with my lecture ”Break Away” is to inspire people to be brave and make the decisions that might be needed to be able to reach goals. No matter what they are.

In an honest and naked way I talk about my fears challenges I faced and still do.

I also have a strong believe that many of us have to change lifestyle, to be able to give our kids and the planet a bright future. I do not say that others shall do what me and my family have done but that a majority of us have to ”Break Away”, that I am convinced of.

When you leave the lecture I want you to feel inspired, strong and motivated to find the courage within your self. I also give specific tools to regain your natural foot so you can begin your process of the change you want in your life. No matter what it is!

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